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About SARS

SARS is a private independent investment banking firm. The firm was founded in 1998. SARS is focused exclusively on providing high-quality corporate finance advice to multinationals, Governments, and large domestic corporations in central and eastern Europe.

SARS employs a team of highly qualified corporate finance professionals and financial analysts. SARS Headquarters is located in Kiev (Ukraine).

Since its inception, SARS has earned a reputation for creativity and implementation excellence in highly complex situations. There are a number of factors, which set SARS apart from other investment banking boutiques and larger firms operating in the region:

  • We are independent: SARS acts and operates completely independently from any political or economic groupings active in the region. As opposed to many of our - larger and smaller - competitors, we are not aligned with any particular interest group and therefore only represent the interests of our clients. We are therefore free of any of the conflict and contradiction inherent in many of our competitors.
  • We never act as principals: SARS We never act as principals: SARS acts purely as an advisor. Whilst we maintain good relationships with many investment funds and private sources of funds investing in the region, we do not own stakes in companies engaged in any of the sectors in which we provide client advice, and we do not co-invest along-side our clients. This is to assure that our advice will not be tinted by personal interests and will always be objective.
  • We are not engaged in brokerage activities: SARS has provided tactical advice to clients regarding capital markets transactions of various kinds. However, SARS is not itself engaged in the brokerage business. This ensures that the information given to us by our clients is not used for purposes against the clients' interests.
  • We strive to provide the highest-quality advice to our clients: SARS intends to succeed based on our competence, creativity, and our responsiveness to clients' needs. As a small firm, competing against the bulge bracket firms active in the region, we will not succeed if we are just as good as the competition. In our geographical, we intend to be better than them. We conceive ourselves, act, and perform as an elite firm.
Our strategy is clear: in serving a select group of clients extraordinarily well, we intend to continue to grow our business and maintain the high standards which have been the hallmark of our success to date.

SARS(Ukraine)Limited-Tel.(+380 44)253-1120